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Wax Melt Crumble Pouch

Wax Melt Crumble Pouch


Simply choose your scent via the drop down menu above. 

Easy to use flakes of highly scented wax melt, ready to open and sprinkle the desired amount into your wax burner.

 Wax melt pouches hold approx. 25g of wax crumble in them. 



 We highly recommend that you do not use one pack in one go as it can overload the burner and cause overflow, something that none of us would enjoy cleaning up! Instead, use 1/3 of a pouch to give the best scent throw. 
Ensure that you are using a 2-4hr tealight for best fragrance experience.



Your wax melts will last the longest if you keep them away from direct heat and sunlight. 


Some of the colour will naturally fall to the bottom of the dish during melting. This does not affect the scent at all, just the colour of the wax. This can be stirred with a cocktail stick in order to mix together again.

Please note that items may vary slightly in colour as they are handmade. 
Frosting may be visible on some of these melts. Frosting naturally occurs in coconut & rapeseed wax and is the wax trying to shape back into its usual form. This does not affect the scent throw and is actually a visible assurance that this product is made from genuine C&R wax.

 Our luxury wax melts are hand made and hand poured in Nottingham, UK.
We use only high quality natural coconut & rapeseed wax along with the strongest, best quality fragrances to ensure that you receive a beautiful wax melt with a perfect scent throw. 
All of our scents are vegan and cruelty free.
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